Cupcakes have always been the backdrop of Madelynn’s Life. As a toddler she was fascinated with flour, sugar, eggs, and enjoyed playing with her Easy Bake Oven.

Daily she visited her grandmother’s house where they shared a slice of cake and tea. On weekends, Madeynn and her mom would patronize the pink Curbside Cupcake food truck and enjoy cupcakes. Frequently, Madelynn followed her mom, Tosha Terry, around the kitchen and was given opportunities to help. She has always loved the culinary arts.


Madelynn’s mom shared their family recipe with her, and very soon Madelynn made it her own by creating unique flavors and sharing them with her friends.


Madelynn’s 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Monaghan informed her mom that she was gifted in math and demonstrated signs of leadership. Afterwards, Madelynn’s mom created a curriculum and taught Madelynn financial literacy at home which included providing her with allowance and opening a bank account.

Upon finishing the course, they took a trip to New York and visited Wall Street’s Finance Museum. During this visit Madelynn learned how companies were formed and placed on the New York Stock Exchange. This experience inspired Madelynn to start her own company.

Weeks later Madelynn consistently asked her mom if she could start her own company. Her initial response was always, “Let’s wait until you finish high school or college” Madelynn loved baking and envisioned everyone enjoying her cupcakes. She then asked her mom, “Why can’t I do it now?’ In that moment, her mother was forced to make a decision.

“I knew giving her an excuse would teach her to grow and make excuses for herself. I knew if I supported her vision she would experience entrepreneurship and follow her own path. So I said yes, and I’m glad I did. Supporting my daughter’s vision was the best decision to make.”

Madelynn used half of her savings as start up capital and her mom invested the rest. The agreement was that Madelynn would work in every element of her company and maintain good grades in school.





At the age of 9, during the 4th grade, Madelynn Martin became the CEO and Founder of Madelynn’s Bake Sale.On January 16, 2016 the grand opening for Madelynn’s Bake Sale was held at a local children’s hair salon. She sold out of hundreds of cupcakes in less than 45 minutes.


  • On Saturday mornings Madelynn “SOLD OUT” every time she set up and developed a reputation for doing so. People started placing their orders in advance.


  • Madelynn started receiving request for her cupcakes at events and special occasions.


  • Madelynn invited four of her friends to join her team - they were known as “The Cupcake Crew” together they participated in the Acton Children’s Business Fair.


  • Her cupcakes caught the attention and support of area leaders including Mayor Muriel Bowser and Congresswoman Norton.

  • Community Service Project of the Year included Delivering gifts to the MD Anderson’s Children’s Cancer Center on Christmas Day.


Madelynn launches her YouTube Channel at 2 Year anniversary celebration with a new commercial.

  • Madelynn’s Bake Sale continued to thrive and started receiving awards from the business community.


  • Madelynn’s Cupcakes are being requested by government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, DC Public Schools, and METRO.


  • Madelynn created a new campaign - Baking for Bankers - a signature sweet way of providing cupcakes to the local banking industry Madelynn’s Very Strawberry Cupcake won 1st place at the DC state fair.


  • Madelynn’s list of Cupcake Clients consistently grew.


  • Hearst Elementary School contracted Madelynn’s Bake Sale to cater cupcakes for the 5th grade promotion ceremony.


  • Madelynn enters 6th grade at Alice Deal Middle School.


  • Madelynn’s Bake Sale won 1st place in the Let’s Pitch competition hosted by the Women’s Business Center.

  • Madelynn is selected as a Google Panelist for Young CEO’s.

  • Madelynn is selected as Youth Entrepreneur of the Year - NCRC.

  • Madelynn’s Bake Sale is a participant in Montgomery County Children’s Business Fair.

  • Madelynn is presented with the Mayor’s Award by Mayor Muriel Bowser.

  • Madelynn’s Bake Sale becomes a Dream Grant Winner 2018.


Community service project- “feeding the fatherless” on Father’s Day at Sasha Bruce- shelter for homeless children.Madelynn made the Honor Roll every semester.



  • Madelynn’s Bake Sale makes Best Of DC listing 2019 - Washington City Paper

  • Madelynn was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at Alice Deal Middle School.


  • Madelynn THE CEO first 3 animated music videos released on YouTube.

  • Madelynn Martin - Featured on ABC7 News Inspire Report


  • Madelynn’s Bake Sale featured at the Taste of Ward 8 - hosted by Ward 8 Democrats.

  • Madelynn’s Bake Sale becomes a Dream Grant Winner 2019.

  • Madelynn Martin selected as an Honoree - for the Federal City Foundation

  • Honoree - Cafe Mocha - WHUR - hosted by Lonie Love - Madelynn and Her mom were given the FAMILYLEGACY AWARD -

2019During the 3 year anniversary - Madelynn and her mom announced they were expanding the brand to include CARTOONS and COLLECTIONS of children’s books - featuring a new character. Madelynn The CEO. Madelynn’s Mom - Tosha Terry is the writer, producer and director of the project.

During the award show Madelynn’s Mom gifted her with her first real estate property, The CUPCAKE CONDO for her 13th birthday present. The space serves as the Corporate Headquarters for Madelynn’s Bake Sale and a vacation rental.

The four pillars of the brand include CUPCAKES, CARTOONS, COLLECTIONS, CONDOS and offer CLASSIC

The family based business now provides

Cupcakes, Cartoons, Collections, Classic Merchandise  and Condos.

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